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Protect your valuable collection

Most of our albums are shipped shrink-wrapped or come without a protective sleeve. Once out of that shrink film, your cover of the LP no longer has any protection against damage.

Therefore order these 5 extra thick protective covers for your valuable albums.

These transparent covers have a thickness of 150 microns and are therefore sturdier than standard quality protective covers.

Our protective covers are suitable for both single and double LPs
The price is per 5 pieces.

(Image is a mockup for illustration)

About De Mist Records

De Mist Records started in 2020 as a webshop for delivery within the BeNeLux. Our goal is to be able to offer exclusive releases. Our focus is on post rock and related music. Think of subgenres such as progressive rock, post-metal, post-hardcore, ambient, doom, sludge, noise, electronic / alternative rock, dream pop and indie rock, etc. More info...

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